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12 December 2006 @ 08:29 pm
while studying in the library today, i suddenly noted a foul odor wafting into my nostrils. it had a distinctly corn-chippy, pungent tang, and i leaned down to see if it was coming from my shirt.

"no, it's definitely not me," i said to myself.

the smell drifted away, and then suddenly returned with a vengeance. this time i realized that it carried the sharp edge of unwashed, sweaty, bacteria-covered feet, and i turned around to look at the bottom of the study table behind me.

and lo and behold, one large pair of male, yellowed, hairy feet presented itself to my curious gaze.

faintly disgusted, i considered getting up to leave, as the smell was really quite perturbing to my studying experience. unfortunately, i was none too sure about being able to find a seat elsewhere, and was left to staying where i was.

thankfully, the man soon got up and left.

i was very relieved.