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14 January 2007 @ 09:52 pm
cmunce and mr. kay  
sooooo cmunce is finished, and i was soooo tired. we've been having eight hours of sessions every day, which is doubly exhausting because not only do i have to chair, i have to liaison with the crisis staff to plan new "crises" to hit the committee with. we've had everything from appearances by the US embassy, a fist fight in the Taiwan Legislative Yuan and prostitutes holding up bloody eyeballs (that was me; i did it for another committee). it was interesting to see what the kids wrote on their evaluations; some of them thought i was really nice and encouraging, but some thought i was too "uptight," as they said. i guess that's probably because i'm used to chairing GA type committees, and at some points debate disintegrated into the point where no one was taking it seriously (usually when my co-chair was chairing) and i had to step in to help them maintain focus. lol. well, all depends on your viewpoint. anyway, after that i came back and crashed in bed for five hours, and now i have to get up and translate three more pages.

anywho, mr. kay says hello to everyone and invites y'all to shoot him an email telling him how you are. his email is devjamkay4 at cs.com.
Miss Kitty Fantastica: up to no good Uraharacougarfang on January 16th, 2007 12:08 pm (UTC)
A fistfight in the Taiwan Legislative Yuan? Hell, that's not a crisis, that's normal. XD