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07 October 2007 @ 07:58 pm
dear world:

you're pretty stupid. who the heck ever came up the idea that flats were the way to go? sure, they're cute and all the celebrities have them, but they are the most uncomfortable shoes that were ever invented by the stupidity of mankind. they are unfriendly to your arch, toes, sole and heels because:

1. there is NO arch support in a flat shoe.
2. your toes have to grip the front of the shoe with every step to make sure the rest of your foot doesn't fall out.
3. the bottom of your foot will be on fire after you walk around in these shoes because the thin, thin soles of the shoe do nothing to absorb shock or to protect your foot.
4. your heel will constantly bang against the back and receive blisters due to the inability of the flat shoe to remain snug on your foot.

compared to flats, even stilettos are a good investment. all i wanted was a nice, mid-heel loafer or flat pumps to walk around in, and all i can find is flats.